this page is largely for my Kinetic Art students @ Massart, Boston

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  misc. topics                  
  Automata   1 2 3 4 5 6 7  
  Toy Kits from Cardboard   1             Great animated motions on this site.
  How Things/Inventions Work   1 2 3         may answer your technical questions and inquiries
  Musical instruments   1 2            
  Medical Anatomy   1 2            
  American Visionary Art Museum     PA      
  PT Barnum Museum     CT      
  Charles Fort Institute            
  Dittrick Medical History Center     Ohio      
  Empire Museum   oddities and curiosities MA      
  Freakatorium     NYC      
  Leonardo museum            
  Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum     MI      
  Museum of Unworkable Devices   failures        
  Museum of Jurassic Technnology   pushes what a 'real' museum is LA      
  Museum of Ancient Inventions            
  Museum of Questionable Medical Devices     MN      
  Mutter Museum     PA      
  Sparkmuseum   vintage radio and scientific aparatus        
  Mechanical/Musical museums   list of European        
  Musica Mechanica   list of British mechanical museums        
  good exhibition archives            
  Bruce Nauman   Tate Modern London 2005        
  Brides of Frankenstein            
  Unnatural Science   Mass MOCA     Janine Antoni, Eve Andree Laramee,
Tim Hawkinson's "Uberorgan" , Fischili & Weiss
  Sensorium   MIT List Visual Arts Ctr        
  Medicine Man   British Museum        
  Treble   Sculpture-Center NY     sound art  
  Body Worlds   travelling     plastinated bodies/ anatomy  
Artists: (try a search or search for magazine review/articles on Massart's library site)            
artist's homepage is here: articles and more info. here:            
    Janet Cardiff 1 2 3              
    David Eckard                    
    Olafur Eliason 1 2                
    Ken Feingold                    

Arthur Ganson

    Steve Gerberich                    
    Ken Goldberg                    
    Nemo Gould                    
    Rodney Graham 1 2 3              
    Ann Hamilton 1
2 3              
    Tim Hawkinson 1 2                
    Steve Hollinger                 Boston  
    Andy Holtin                    
    Rebecca Horn 1 2                
    Janelle Iglesias                    
    Jim Jenkins


              co-wrote book Motion,Motion Kinetic Art  
    Natalie Jeremijenko 1                  
    Max Kazemzadeh                    
    Pat Keck 1 2             Mass.  
    Martin Kersels 1                  
    Sean Langlais 1 2             Mass.  
    Eve Andree Laramee 1 2                
    Julian LaVerdiere 1 2                
    Anne Lilly   2             Boston  
    Paul Etienne Lincoln


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NY  
    Chris Larsen 1 2                
    Michael Mittelman                 Boston  
    Andrew Mowbray                 Boston  
    Bruce Nauman 1 2 3              
    Andrew Neuman 1               Boston  
    Liz Nofziger                 Boston  
    Mark W Porter                    
    Tim Prentice                 outdoor abstract work  
    Sabrina Raaf                    
    Paul Ramirez-Jonas                 Boston  
    Alan Rath   2                
    Ken Rinaldo                    
    Michelle Rosenberg                    
    Jessica Rylan                


    Martin Smith                    
    Eddo Stern                 L.A.  
    Hiroshi Sugimoto 1                  
    Jan Svankmejer                    
    Ricky Swallow 1 2                
    Jeff Talman                    
    Jean Tinguely


    Stephen Vitiello                    
    Asia Ward 1                  
    Douglas Weathersby                 Boston  
    David Webber                 Boston  
    Gail Wight 1                  
    Amy Youngs                    
    Joe Zane                 Boston  
  artist groups            
  Handshouse/Massart projects       building a replica of the first submarine    
  Cabaret Mechanical Theater       U.K.       Int'l    
  Dead Chickens       Berlin kinetic cabaret    
  Motoman       machine performance    
  Survival Research Labs 1     dangerous machines/spectacle    
  The Art Guys       brilliant humour    
  ikatun       Boston    
  Places In Boston:       near Boston: Online Magazines: news and forums  
  MIT Press Bookstore       Decordova Museum Big Red and Shiny  
  Museum of Science       Mass MOCA, N Adams
Absolute Arts  
  Harvard Museum of Natural History       Contemporary Artists Center, N Adams Some Other Magazine  
  Charles River Museum of Industry         Artnet  
  Warren Anatomical Museum         White Cubes  
  Art Interactive Gallery            
  Mills Gallery, BCA            
  MIT List Visual Art Center            
  MIT Museum            
  Boston Cyberarts Festival            
  Boston Public Libraries            
  mechanical + sound electronics scientific microcontrollers robotics
  Action Bearing (Allston) All Electronics All Electronics 1 1
  All Electronics
Active Electronics American Science and Surplus 2 2
  Alpine Bearing (Allston 617-254-1420)   Herbach & Rademan    
  American Science and Surplus Digi-Key   3 3
  Harbor Freight Tools Electronic Goldmine   4 4
  McMaster Carr Jameco     Mark Tilden
  Parts Express NTE     Artbots
  Small Parts, Inc Nuts and Volts magazine     Robot books
  Surplus Center Parts Express     Furby autopsy
    Ramsey     essay on its origins/development
    You Do It Electronics (Needham)      
  Good Books      
  Basic Machines and How they work the Navy have a look on Amazon  
  Connections James Burke how inventions leads to invention  
  Madness in the Making David Lindsay    
  Artful Science Barbara Stafford    
  Devices of Wonder Barbara Stafford and Frances Terpak    
  Art and Technics Lewis Mumford 'anti technologist'  
  White Heat Carrol Pursell re: technology & society  
  507 Mechanical Movements Henry Brown have a look on Amazon  
  The Way Things Work David Macaulay mechanisms demystified & illustrated  
  Macchine Celebi: The Bachelor Machines 1975 Duchamp and beyond masculine creation  
  Our Own Devices: the Past and Future of Body Technology Edward Tenner    
  Simple Working Models of Historic Machines Aubrey Burstall, 1968    
  Edison's Eve Gaby Wood, 2002 A Magical History of the Quest for Mechanical Life  
  Automata & Mechanical Toys Rodney Peppe, 2002    
  anything by Rob Ives paper models of motions & toys  
  Newton's Gift David Berlinski    
  Seven Ideas That Shook the Universe Spielberg& Anderson    
  Six Easy Pieces Richard Feynman    
  Synchronicity F.David Peat    
  Universe in a Nutshell Stephen Hawking    
  The Book of Nothing John Barrow    
  Time Travel in Einstein's Universe Richard Gott    
  Wireless Imagination Kahn & Whitehead    
  Noise Water Meat Kahn    
  The Audible Past Jonathan Sterne    
  Hearing Things Schmidt    
  Medical/ Genetic      
  A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities Jan Bondeson    
  A History of Surgury Harold Ellis    
  Medicine Man: the Forgotten Museum of Henry Wellcome British Museum Press    
  Mutants Leroi    
  The Phantom Museum ed. by Hawkins and Olsen    
  Locus Solus Raymond Roussel early 1900s visitionary novelist  
1 2            


  Artist Books      

The Metropolis of Metaphorical Intimations
Explication: In Tribute to Madame de Pompadour and the Court of Louis XV
A Violet Somnambulist Spiriting the Fugacious Bloom

Paul Etienne Lincoln    
  A Permutational Unfolding Eve Andree Laramee    
  The Glance of Infinity Rebecca Horn    
  Matthew Barney The Cremaster Cycle    
  Deconstructing Motions:
  overview mechanisms motions 5 basic machines



also: pitman arm   1 2
  crank slider   1  




(in & out)


block and tackle (pulleys)

wheel and axel

inclined plane/ wedge





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