MacDowell project


---images coming soon--

During my Feb. - Apr. 2006 residency at MacDowell, I completed audio recordings of the current 32 colonists whispering the names on their "tombstones". The recordings pick up the room tone as the whisperers stumble over pronunciations, eke out faded names, and fumble the clunky wooden tomes which document the Colony's 99 year history. Their whispers intimately recall the physical, tangibly etched evidence of the past, though in so doing the readers subside into an inevitable succumb, becoming history themselves.   These tracks overlap and peak in crescendo.   The CD will be a selection from the recordings, with volumes of the individual tracks fading in and out, and pans sweeping left and right.   A dynamic assertion of the ghosts, I feel, in loosely chronological alignment.

With the site-specific installation, each (of 32) will manifest in its own "voice" (speaker) mounted inside a small 'medallion' of wood with a copper-face cutout of that studio building and its name.   Each cutout is backlit with a bright amber LED light, an electronic circuit makes its glow ebb and flow with the volume of its voice!  

Imagine 32 of these glowing medallions on four walls in a darkened space. Each of them embodies, to some degree, the spirits of that studio. Each is a different individual, they become anthropomorphised, piquing curiosity. The viewer moves around the space, sampling the overlapping whispers of the past.