serenade for bob goddard

Performance during the opening reception of the "Instruments of Calibration and Ascertainment" exhibition in the Marshall Gallery of the Roswell Museum.
The artist, clad in the embroidered cloak, traveled with the phonograph through the Robert Goddard wing, and back in serenade/elegy for the innovative rocketeer. The selected song was “Fly Me to the Moon” by Bart Howard, performed by Frank Sinatra and the Count Basie Orchestra, the same version played during the landing sequence of the Apollo mission in 1969. This was the first music to play in space. Goddard was an early pioneer of rocketry, intent on reaching “extreme altitudes,” sending a rocket to the moon and possibly to mars. He died in 1945, when the probability of such missions was still viewed with skepticism.



'Apparatuses for Serenade for Bob Goddard' is part of "Instruments of Calibration and Ascertainment".