the communication series


This series of 8 performances explore how information is processed through the artist/"Operator" as a filter existing in the infinite present.

The "Operator" focuses on sensory perception as the communicating mediator between the interior mind and the exterior world.


  Volume 1: fall 2002    
  #1 "Essay"    
  #2 "Focus," or "I Have Nothing to say/ Nothing Never Sounded So Good"    
  #3 "..."    
  #4 "Experiencing the Experience"    
  Volume 2: spring 2003    
  #1 "Erecting a Monument to Moment"    
  #2 "Instrument for Time Passing/ Activity for Passing Time"    
  #3 "A Song"    
  #4 "Wait/Hate Activity for Time: Escape"    


the instruments and objects created for these performances are displayed as an exhibition, "Taxonomy of the Communication Series"
and have an elucidating and obfuscating printed poster, "The Complete Taxonomy of the Communication Series"