great guns

work in progress toward an installation. Two 27-part vitreous china cannons, "Great Guns" and steel

created in the Kohler Arts/Industry residency program.




Hold your Horses, by and large


Spending time out in the American West has me researching cowboys, ranches, frontiersmen, outlaws, and the hardships endured in "Wild West" times.

For my previous body of work, Nautical Body, I researched tall-ship sailing in the Age of Sail of "iron men and wooden ships" even becoming a professional sailor myself. Immersed now in the landscape as well as stories of pioneers, cattle ranchers, the gold rush, expanding train routes, and the bandits who preyed on them all, I can't help but notice parallels between the sailor and the cowboy.

Shared tools of the trade include plenty of rope work, carpentry for mending and jury-rigging, working through rough weather while travelling long distances thorough open expanses- be it oceans or deserts, and lots of physical stregnth. While whalers and sealing men travelled north toward the arctic expanses of ice, the cowboys coaxed their cattle drives through the Southwest to Kansas. All sleep in their clothes, unavoidably stinking of their own sweat mixed with animal sweat, hides, cordage, etc.

  I love this one so much, here's a detail:

This new series is just getting started.


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