Sept. 9, 2009 Boston Globe, "The Ties That Bind" Cate McQuaid
  Sept 2009 Trustman Gallery, Simmons College Press Release "Nautical Body"
  2008 Provincetown Banner, "A Texan's Take on the Lure of the Sea"
  Dec 2008 Roswell AIR 40th Anniversary Exhibition Catalog, "Beyond a Gift of Time"
  Sept 2007 Weekly Dig, Boston "Soundscape" by Michael Brodeur
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  Jan. 3, 2005 Boston Center for the Arts Mills Gallery,BRI:AIR, Projecs from the Berwick Research Institute's Artist in Research Program
press release
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Chris Marcisz
  Mar. 4, 2004 The Republican, "Perspective of society offered by art project"
Holly Angelo
  Feb. 2004 Smith College Press Release, "Works of Art to be Created Live at Campus Center"
  Feb. 2004 Berwick Research Institute AIR book, "Punctuation"
M. M. Anderson
  Feb. 2004 Press Release , "Project: air"
  Dec. 17, 2003 The Weekly Dig, "Bizarre Artists..."
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Nina MacLaughlin
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Luke Jaeger
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  Feb. 16, 2003 Boston Globe, "Mills Gallery is Alive with the Ambitious Sounds of 'Boom Box'"
Cate McQuaid
  Jan. 2003

Boston Magazine, [Art] "Soundscape"

  Jan. 10, 2003 The Boston Phoenix, "Boom Boxing"
Nina MacLaughlin
  Dec. 20, 2003 The Boston Phoenix, "Sounds of Tomorrow"
  Oct. 10, 2002 The Athens News, "Everything is in Motion at the Latest Dairy Barn Exhibition"
Mary Beth Gillam
  Oct. 2, 2002 The Athens Post, "Art in Motion at Dairy Barn"
Yvonne Teems
  May 9, 2002 The Narragansett Times, "Bold New Exhibit Makes 'The Mark' at Hera Gallery"
Kate Williamson
  May 9, 2002 South County Independent, "Hera Show is Mostly on 'The Mark'"
Doug Norris
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  Dec. 2001 Boston Herald, "Drawing Attention"
Joanne Silver

Dec. 2001

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NY Arts Magazine, Dec. 2001, "17th Biennial Drawing Show"
H.L. Resnikoff